Inspirational Message to YOU this Year (Play on Repeat for Best Results)

yourbestyearyetAt the beginning of this month I sat down and wrote a new year message to you. I didn’t have any plans to do this, it just flowed right through me.

I felt excited and scared to put it together. What if people think my rhymes are corny? What if they don’t like it? My excitement to put out my expression outweighed my negative talk and so today I’m sharing this message to you.

This year my intention is to be REALLY AUTHENTIC. (Hence, my rebranding of Badass Spiritual Warriors.) I feel like I’ve been holding back alot over the years and it’s time for me to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! (I credit Lisa Nichols for this statement.)

When you are more YOU, more people dig it. Of course, not everyone will like what you are putting out there. But that’s okay since your true self worth comes from inside you, not external validation.

So I know some people will love it, some will like it, and some will think it’s lame- but I’m sharing it anyway. I’m practicing my intention for 2015 by sharing the real me with the world. So here it is….

I hope this video brings you inspiration to know that you are so worth it.

You are enough. 

You are hot stuff. 

You are beautiful. 

You are divine. 

And when things get tough, you are gonna be just fine. :)

Make this year your best year yet!

Love and Light,

Janelle Klander

ps… know that I am here for you if you need a reminder. Watch the video as many times as you’d like.


Play with Your Dreams Like a Dream Master

I sat down with my friend Ora North from Lady of the Pines to talk about the dream world in a Hang out with Janelle Session. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Everyone has experience with dreams. Everyone.

But not everyone understands dreams or how to work with them to your advantage.


In this video you’ll learn how you can work in your dream world to positively change your waking life -(if you are into making positive changes and being happier in life.) :)

Have a listen and let me know what you learned in the comments below.

I used to not pay attention to my dreams and not try to remember them. (You can actually remember them more if you try!) Some significant things came through my dreams so I’m glad I was paying attention.

In life and in the dream world we have a choice to pay attention and make magical changes in our lives or not. What is your choice?

Comment below —  What did you learn? What has been your experiences with dreaming? Do you have a question about your dreams?

Hang Out with Janelle: Slam Up Girls Talk Relationships, Breakups and STDs

I met Cali and Emily from Slam Up, when they were on tour and made a stop in Minneapolis. I immediately loved them as they started singing Salt N Pepa’s – None of your Business. Aside from our mutual love of Salt N Pepa, I totally vibed with what these ladies had going on.

Cali and Emily describe Slam Up with- WHERE POETRY MEETS COMEDY. It’s true. The show bounces back and forth from ridiculous laughter to stiring your soul. It was a pleasure to be in their audience.

I had to get these ladies to hang out with me and talk about relationships, breakups and STDs. So here it is…..

Wanna listen to what they go going on and/or donate to make their tour possible? Click here. 

Buy the “Potlucks and Hotfucks” shirt here. 

If you are in the East Coast – Check out their tour.



THU 4th | 7 PM | donation | Bluestockings (Manhattan, NYC)

FRI 5th | 7:30 PM | $5-$10 | The Institute Library (New Haven, CT)

SAT 6th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | The Buttonwood Tree (Middleton, CT)

MON 8th | 8 PM | $5-$10 | 95 Empire (Providence, RI)

WED 10th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | Patterson Creations (Attleboro, MA)

THU 11th | 7 PM | free | Fazenda Coffee Roasters (Jamaica Plain, MA)

FRI 12th | 7:30 PM | free | Arts at the Armory (Sommerville, MA)

SAT 13th | 8 PM | free | Vena’s Fizz House (Portland, ME)

SUN 14th | 6:30 PM | TBA | Feature @ Rhythmic Cypher Poetry (Portland, ME)

TUE 16th | 8 PM | $5 | The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH)

WED 17th | 7:30 PM | $5-10 | Studio 550 (Manchester, NH)

FRI 19th | 10 PM | free | Psychedelicatessan (Burlington, VT)

SAT 20th | 8 PM | free | The Root (Brattleboro, VT)

TUE 23rd | 8 PM | $3 | Feature @ The Northampton Mass Poetry (Northampton, MA)

FRI 26th | 8 PM | free | World War II Club (Northampton, MA)

SAT 27th | TBA | free | SUNY Purchase (Purchase, NY)

MON 29th | TBA | free | Rutgers (New Brunswick, NJ)


THU 2nd | TBA | free | The Bun Shop (Baltimore, MD)

FRI 3rd | 7 PM | free | The Wingnut (Richmond, VA)

SAT 4th | 8 PM | free | Alex’s House (Carrboro, NC)

MON 6th | 7:30 PM | free | Tate Street Coffee (Greensboro, NC)

TUE 7th | 9 PM | free | Ft. at the Calico Open Mic (Wilmington, NC)

FRI 10th | TBA | TBA | Coastal Carolina University (Myrtle Beach, SC)

TUE 14th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | Coffee Underground (Greenville, NC)

FRI 17th | TBA | free | The Landing (Asheville, NC)

SAT 25th | 8 PM | $5 | BON (Charlottesville, VA)

SUN 26th | TBA | $10 | DC Arts (Washinton DC)

MON 27th | 8 PM | $15 | La Ti Do @ Black Fox Lounge (Washington DC)

TUE 28th | TBA | TBA | Acorn Books (Dover, DE)


FRI 7th | TBA | TBA | Wesleyan University (Middleton, CT)

SAT 8th | TBA | TBA | Night Kitchen (Philadelphia, PA)


Check out all Slam Up things here. 



10 Things to Do to Open Your Sacral Chakra

This week we discuss the Sacral Chakra which is lovated 2 inches below the navel. It’s the center for creativity, sexuality, sensuality, and appreciation of life.

Are you prone to back problems? Prostate problems? Menstrual cramping? Bladder problems?

Do you feel like your creativity is blocked?

Do you get jealous easily? Do you feel guilty often?

If you answered yes to any of these, take a look at the video below.

[vsw id=”3d-W4YMYcoU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Remember it’s important to keep all your chakras open to feel in balance in your life. If you want to learn more about the chakras you can click here.

10 Things you can do if you want to strengthen your Sacral Chakra:

  1. Connect with water.

  2. Explore tantric yoga

  3. Embrace sensuality

  4. Be Creative.

  5. Drink lots of water.

  6. Dance.

  7. Say the affirmation: “I accept my creativity and sensuality.”

  8. Use Aromatherapy with Sandalwood oil.

  9. Relax with a coral stone on the area – 2 inches below your navel.

  10. Boil water with the herb yarrow. Let is steep for 10 minutes, then strain the water and drink.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please comment below with one thing you are going to try this week from the list above.

Share this video with your friends and I’ll see you next week!

7 Ways to Know Your Root Chakra is Blocked.


It’s the second video in the Chakra Series. Today I talk about the Root Chakra. A chakra everyone can give some attention to keeping open. The root chakra keeps us connected to the earth below. It gives us a foundation for everything else to function and to create what you want in life.

We live in a time of information overload. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything around  us. Having a stable foundation or at least understanding how to tap into this grounded feeling is essential to feel balanced in life.

If you want to learn more about chakras before you watch this video you can watch last weeks video- What are Chakras?

I’m going to give you information on every chakra – all 7 of the main energy centers in your body. I want you to to a better understanding of what chakras need some attention and what you can do for yourself.

  [vsw id=”FijDXWEri9Y” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


You may be blocked if…

  •  Lost trust in life.
  • Don’t feel at home
    in your body.
  • Worry about the future.
  • Easily overwhelmed
    by life.
  • Don’t exercise
  • Digestion problems.
  • Cold Hands and Feet


10 Things you can do to strengthen your Root Chakra

1) Exercise

2) Foot Massage

3) Walk Outside

4)  Meditation under a tree

5) Wear red or create/paint/draw using red

6) Affirmation -” I trust in the power of life.” Say as many times as you want throughout the day.

7) Garden- Get hands dirty

8) Gemstone therapy – Relax on your stomach. Lay Hematite, or Ruby stones on your lower back, in contact with your skin.

9) Aromatherapy –  Massage cedar or rosemary essential oils into your hands or feet.

10) Meditation imagining roots growing from your  body into the earth. Take in the red earth energy if you like. Feel the connection to the earth, with the steady foundation.


I hope you found these action steps helpful.

Share with your friends that may find this useful.

Comment below with what you do to feel grounded.

Stay tuned to learn about  more chakras in the chakra series.

In case you missed last week’s post — What are Chakras?



What are Chakras?

What are chakras? I get that question all the time.


 [vsw id=”eyqayLfz8Ks” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Chakras are energy centers in your body. We actually have thousands in our astral body, but there are 7 main chakra centers that are most well known.

Crown - Spirituality, experience of higher planes, knowledge of God, enlightenment, and self realization

Third Eye- Intuition, wisdom, realization, awareness, fantasy, power of imagination, and self knowledge.

Throat- Communication, verbal ability, inspiration, truthfulness, synthesis, creativity, and musical talent.

Heart- Love, compassion, humanity, empathy, tolerance, openness, and warm- heartedness.

Solar Plexus- willpower, self confidence, personality, self development, self control, feelings, sensitivity, power, and forcefulness.

Sacral- Sexuality, sensuality, fertility, and creativity

Root- Stability, the will to live, and self preservation

What is it important to keep your chakras open?

When we have blocks, we experience illness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, loneliness, lack of trust in life, hopelessness, struggle with relationships, nightmares and many more.

I could talk for days about chakras, but I’m going to. I’ll be following up with more videos like this that are more specific to each chakra.

What I what to give you is a free 30 minutes chakra meditation.

Comment below about your chakra experiences.

Look for more information on specific chakras next week.

Do you get good sleep?

Do you get good sleep? We all need sleep, but do we really allow ourselves good sleep? Find out if you get good sleep and some things you can do about it.


Comment below and share what things you do to wind down before bed.

Share this post with your friends.

Send your questions to have answered to —

See you next week!


Do You Let Gossip Negatively Effect Your Life?

This week the topic is gossiping, which is a very popular past time… but it’s has a negative effect on your life.

Why do we gossip anyway? Find out in this video and be sure to comment below and tell me what you think.

Comment below: What do you think of gossip? How did you cut down on it in your life?



How Do You Deal With Something Ending in Life?

Today, I talk about how to deal with ‘endings.’ Endings can be something ending in your life like a job, ending a friendship/relationship, vacation, leaving a living situation or even ending a course. They can happen small to large scale on a daily basis.

Why are endings a big deal? They happen to everyone… constantly, BUT our culture teaches us that endings have to be an uncomfortable situation. They only have to be this way if we allow them to be.

In this weeks video I talk about some tips that you can do to be aware of any ‘endings’ you have in life and even an exercise to work with them.

Leave a comment below telling me how you deal with endings – What you do well? What could you improve?

Share this video with someone that may find this information useful.

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