Ep: 23 Depression is a Bitch

My senior year of high school, I would drive home from school on my windy and hilly road and I would speed up a bit. I would think, What if I just went off the road? What if I got injured and was in the hospital for awhile? What if?

That was dark, I know. But the truth is we all go to dark places at some point in our life.

I was in a dark place at that time. I didn’t know what was going on with me and I felt like no one understood me, especially those close to me. I pushed away friends and family. I was mean to people.

I was too embarrassed to share my dark times with people in the past. They would judge me, right?

What is depression? 

I have since found new perspectives on depression. I have been to dark places since my senior year of high school.

I have always found it funny that our culture talks about ‘depression’ like it’s this thing that some people have and others don’t. I don’t agree.

I don’t agree that it can be fixed by medication.

I don’t agree that it can be fixed by talk therapy.

I think sometimes it just naturally gets better over time, but those wounds that caused the depression still remain.

Depression & Anxiety come up when there is a need for healing.

In this weeks episode I share my experiences with depression and take on what it actually is and what to do about it.

Please share your experiences or thoughts in the comments below.


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EP 22: Tapping Into Your Creativity with Alison Price


Alison Price has been an artist as long as she can remember. Early artistic endeavors involved melting crayons on warm lightbulbs, dripping food coloring on the family’s supply of tissue, and plucking interesting patterns on her Mom’s prized chenille bedspread. The family survived these creative forays, and actually encouraged more!

Alison is always looking for intriguing uses of color and light and how it relates to human emotion. Her art is the combination of all her passions: travel, light, color, the environment, meeting and befriending new people worldwide, Alison believes “it is our similarities which make us comfortable, and our differences that make us interesting”. This belief about human connections is readily apparent in her work.

Alison holds a BA degree in Studio Art from Augsburg College Minneapolis, and a MA Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin.

Alison’s work is collected nationally and internationally, including a recent collection purchased by the FBI for their new Twin Cities headquarters. Both the Twin Cities Ballet and Ballet Royale have choreographed dances inspired by her art. Check her out. 

Meet her in person at 1500 Jackson Street NE Mpls. MN 55413


Ep 21: Let’s Talk About Rape with Sarah Hauch

I decided that I wanted to talk about Rape on my podcast. I can say that it’s a topic that’s been talked about more recently, but not enough and not in the right way.

As you may believe – rap sucks. It’s not fair and it sucks.

There is a ton of shame around it and many people are too scared of speaking up about it.

What’s considered rape is also a wide spectrum. What is considered rape?

More importantly, how the hell do you heal from it?

You know I’m all about healing. It’s soooo important. If we don’t heal, it stays with us.

This week’s episode is a raw conversation about rape with Badass Spiritual Warrior – Sarah Hauch.

Niki photoshoot 28 Niki photoshoot 6

Sarah is a Guide, Teacher & Healer with the Modern Mystery School. She travels across Canada and Internationally to bring classes, healings & ceremonies to people. Her passion has led her to run programs in fortune 500 companies, a regular guest on TV, to open her own healing center, Temple23, in Toronto, and to start her own online meditation company. You can find her online at

Have a listen and don’t forget to share it with some friends that you think could get something out of it.

So here it is….

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Ep 20: How to Bring the Festival Vibes to Every Day Life

So you just got back from an EDM Festival….. now what?

Every festival I go to, I hear the same thing…. why can’t normal life be like festival life?

In today’s episode I decided to talk about how you can create the fabulous, free festival feeling in your own life.

Summer Set Music Festival

I just got back from Summer Set Music Festival in Somerset, WI. People like festivals because they feel free, loved, and connected. Our hearts are a bit more open. Our connects run a little bit deeper. We feel community. We feel like are apart of a family.

Have you ever tried to explain a festival experience with a friend that wasn’t there? It’s pretty hard to explain. There is a certain magic that happens at an event like that. Then we get home and we often feel disconnected. Our own hearts have closed up. We may even feel less ‘magic.’

Create What You Want

Lucky for you, there is a way to create all of those good vibes in your own life. Most of the reason why we feel disconnected is that we have created a belief that what we experienced is over and it can only be experienced in that setting. We have created a block to creating a feeling in our own life.

The only person that stops us from creating the life we want… is us. 

Have a listen and comment below sharing what is something you can do this week to create the festival vibe in your own life.

 How to listen? Stream below. Find on itunes. Find on Stitcher. 


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Ep 19: Empowered, Sexy, and Free with Jolie Dawn — BOOK LAUNCH!


Jolie Dawn is a speaker, intuitive coach, and a wild visionary. She is the creator of San Diego’s largest women’s empowerment gathering, Inner Goddess Unleashed Summit and was named by Pacific Magazine as one of San Diego’s top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. Through her own journey of spirituality and self-discovery, along with thousands of hours of transformational training, Jolie discovered her innate ability to guide women back to their creative potential and inner brilliance so they can create a business and life that truly thrives.





Empowered, Sexy, and Free is a book for the woman who is ready for something new. She knows there is a better way than riding on the mainstream struggle bus. She’s ready to reclaim her feminine power, her inner confidence, and her magical creating powers that she has had glimpses of at some points in her life. Now, she is ready to unleash it. Maybe she feeling some resistance in life, but she knows something else is possible, and finally, she is choosing to listen to her inner voice. Are you this woman? Are you ready to have more in your life?

Empowered, Sexy, and Free is for the woman desires to:
• Feel aligned and guided by a higher power
• Strip away fear and resistance for good
• Create a purposeful and meaningful career path
• Manifest money, resources and opportunities with ease
• Cultivate deep, fulfilling relationships
• Fall deeply in love with herself
• Impact our world with boldness and love

Click here to get it.  

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Ep 18: Wisdom From a 90 Year Old Woman I Just Met Today

I met this woman from Austin, TX at 1pm on the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

She was trying to figure out what bus to take from downtown Minneapolis to get to the U of Minnesota to swim in a competition put on by the Senior Games. (Something that my own mother would be too scared to do on her own.)

I offered her a ride since it was near my house. She graciously accepted. On the way to her swim competition she shared much about her life. By the time I dropped her off, I thought this new friend was my new role model. ( I saw so much of myself in her – yes I want to be like you!)

I asked her if I could interview her for my podcast and she said, “yes.”

I asked her if she knew what a podcast was and she said, “no.”

She told me to pick her up at 5:30pm that day. (I loved how she didn’t try to overthink our meeting or what day would be best… just saying YES to life.)

I pick her up at 5:30 and she’s got a gold medal around her neck and a big smile on her face.

What blew me away about Sara is that she was going with the flow — so effortlessly. She didn’t get in her head about understanding what anything was, it clearly felt right to her and she did it.

She figured out what made her happy and then she did that as much as she could.

She is an athlete at 90 years old. (Hell yeah!)

This woman is on facebook. I sent her a friend request — Hoping she’ll accept! After all, I think we are friends now.

By the way… the Senior Games are now part of my 70 + aspirations.

I connected with Sara a few days later and she now had 4 medals & and 2 broken records. How awesome is she?


What Sara shares in the interview…. 

  • What makes her happy
  • This one surprising thing she does everyday
  • The hardest thing after losing a spouse
  • What gives her hope
  • The secret to a happy marriage (was married 67 years)
  • What it takes to “feel” young
  • What brightens her life
  • Her worst habit she’s left in the past
  • The one time almost gave up on life and what kept her going
  • And most importantly – HOW TO GET A GUY TO PROPOSE TO YOU!

*I did this interview in my sunroom so there is a bit more noise than normal.

Here is it:




Sara’s 90th Birthday video:

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Share the love with Sara! Tell her what you loved or appreciated about this interview below. 


Episode 16: Living Beyond Mediocre with E. Benedict Valencia

Living Beyond Mediocre with Dr. Erwin Benedict Valencia

i remember seeing this guy on a beach of Playa Del Carmen. I remember seeing him and feeling the urge to go over and say hello. I was traveling solo. He seemed to be traveling solo…. But I soon talked myself out of it in order to feel safe and not put myself out there.

As I walked back to my hostel, I was surprised to see that the same guy inside. We started talking and I realized how friendly, energetic and sweet this dude was. He name was “E”.

I enjoyed chatting with E and learned about his passions and enthusiasm. He’s pretty cool.

He was so cool, that I asked him to do an episode with me on ‘Living Beyond Mediocre’. So what does that mean?

To me, it means getting up everyday and with intention, awareness, love and belief in yourself.

I love E’s story because he grew up in the Philippines where many people might dream about working in the NBA, but lack the belief in making it happen.  E is now a role model for so many youth in the Philippines. By him stepping up and LIVING BEYOND MEDIOCRE – He is inspiring others to do the same. He’s inspiring to me and I’m happy to share his story and advice.

Have a listen….




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Episode 15: Create Your Dream Life with Steffani LeFevour

What do you want to create in YOUR life?

Manifest like a BADASS with the help of this warrior friend of mine- Steffani.

She’s smart, sexy, and has been manifesting some cool shit.

Hear her 4 simple steps to create your dream life…..





Steffani LeFevour wants to live in a world surrounded by happy, healthy, powerful women who take responsibility for their lives, step into their own greatness, and who ride their own unicorns home from work.

As a happiness coach, she helps busy women work through their limiting beliefs and master the law of attraction so they can create from a space of what they WANT and they can find more daily happiness.  She’s been featured on webinars, and interviews with other world-renowned speakers. She speaks at retreats and conferences worldwide and most importantly she’s never missed one of her son’s baseball games.

When she’s not chasing after her 2 kids, you can find her writing, teaching, laughing, singing and coaching one on one clients.

Her first program — The 4 Simple Steps To Manifest Anything — hits the Internet on August 13th.

Find out how to release your limiting beliefs, improve your relationships and master the law of attraction at

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Episode 14: Language: Is Yours Empowering or Disempowering?

Let’s talk about language. Does what you say empower you? Or does it disempower you? 

The words you say each and every day create your reality. They either make empower us to achieve our goals?. Or they become obstacles to those goals.  What is your language doing for you?

Here is an example:

If I’m constantly telling myself what I ‘should’ be doing…. what I am really implying? ‘Should’ is a word that we use for something that we really don’t want to do, but we feel guilty about it.  So when you use it, you probably don’t feel that great when it comes out of your mouth. It’s like you already feel like a failure.

And what about when people tell you what you ‘should’ be doing. That doesn’t feel good either, does it? No one knows your path but you.

The word – Try

And how often do you use the word ‘try’? If your friend asks you if you are going to their performance and you tell them that you’ll ‘try’ to make it. It doesn’t sound like you actually want to go, does it? Try is a pretty disempowering word. We so often use it with our goals too!

Here is an example:

“I’m going to ‘try’ to work out more.”

Does it actually sound like I want to work out? No. I

And on top of that, maybe I’ll go into victim mode tell the world, “I’m bad at working out.”

Uh no. I actually just didn’t want, to so I didn’t. And now I’m going to create a story of being a victim, saying how bad I am at it.

And what if you DO want to work out more. Change your language.

“I’m going to work out 10 times this month.”

Now that feels more empowering. You have already put things in motion to work out more.

My friend Peter Loeffler and I chat all about these words and more in the this weeks episode. Have a listen below.


And here is that video of showing the difference between saying ‘I’m Sorry’ and saying something else instead. Props to Pantene for making this.

And lastly, here is Day 1 one of my rice experiment from Dr. Emoto.

Watch the rest of the videos here and subscribe to my youtube channel. 

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Ep 12: 5 Love Languages with Eduardo Drake

5 Love Languages — How do you give and receive love? 

Think about your close relationships with family, friends and your romantic partner. How do you like to receive love from them? Spending time with them?  Hugging them? Helping you out with a project?

Eduardo Drake is a big fan of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. He tells everyone he knows about it. Knowing how you and the people closest to you give and receive love will improve your relationships.

Listen to our chat to learn more……..

Here they are:

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Quality Time

Physical Touch


5 Love Languages – Take the test.

Please comment with your top love languages below!


Eduardo Drake’s personal mission is to create maximum value for others by living an inspired life as a father, entrepreneur, patent lawyer, and friend. Whatever role your situation calls for, Eduardo brings wisdom, imagination, and enthusiasm in service of making you and your business remarkably better off. As a patent lawyer, Eduardo adds value to businesses not only by expanding the thinking of their executive leadership and most valuable innovators, but also by building proactive IP protection systems and providing sound IP risk management and counseling. His work is centered on disruptive technologies of all kinds, including social-networking, business-method, computer-software, and consumer-product innovations. He earned his J.D. at University of Virginia, after working on radar systems for GE, and he’s a former shareholder in the IP law firm Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, winner of 15 top-ten national rankings for patent quality. In his role as an entrepreneur, Eduardo harnesses his strengths as a multi-faceted learner, strategic whole-brain thinker, and inspirational leader. He’s involved in a number of start-up ventures, including one called Double The Love, which has the mission of doubling the total love on the planet by leveraging the power of the 5 Love Languages. – Visit his website — 

And here is a super cool video from Eduardo….


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