Episode 6: Friend Breakups

Friend breakups isn’t a topic that is talked about often. You can find countless articles on romantic breakups… but friend breakups? How do we handle it? How do we know it’s time to breakup? 

Many people keep people in their life even when they know it doesn’t feel right. Do you know what I mean?

Just like a romantic relationship... we meet a friend and it feel magical and right, until it stops feeling right. And it actually starts to feel like a chore. Friends are supposed to be fun and supportive people in our life. We want to feel excited to see them.

Listen to this episode to dig deep into friend breakups.



Let’s take Jennifer for example. 

Jennifer was friends with Mallory for 13 years. Thats a long time. Jennifer started to notice and hear from friends that Mallory was trying to turn her other friends against her. She wanted as much attention as possible. Jennifer didn’t want to believe it as first, but other friends confirmed her behavior. The friendship finally ended after some lies were exposed and Jennifer couldn’t deny what was really going on. They broke up. She says she still misses Mallory, but knew she wasn’t being a friend. She stood up for what was best for her, even though she really loved Mallory.

Let’s take Samantha for example: 

Samantha was friends with Julie since freshmen year of college. They did EVERYTHING together in college. After college was a different story. They started to have different interests. It often felt like they had different worlds. Pretty soon it was harder to make plans since their lives were so different. Samantha didn’t want to let Julie go. They had so many awesome memories. At the same time she was less excited to see her when they did agree on something. She finally sat Julie down to chat about their friendship. Although it was a tough conversation, it needed to be had. It freed up so much emotional energy for both of them. They both were starting to feel resentment for their friendship not going how they wanted. They both acknowledged that their friendship had changed. They decided to keep in touch, but without the expectations of being ‘best friends’ like they were doing. They aren’t close anymore, but when they do see each other it’s fun to catch up on old times in college. They are both so glad they communicated their truth so they could move forward with their new shifted relationship.

Friend Breakups are hard. We love them. We are attached to them. But sometimes, it just not part of the plan to keep these people in our lives so closely.  And that is OK.

What’s most important is for you to speak your truth and always do what feeds your soul. You deserve a life that feels right. You deserve a life with friendships that feel natural and fully support you.



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What did you think?

Communication: How do you communicate in a difficult situation? Do you avoid? Or do you open your heart and speak your truth?



Episode 5: How Your Challenges Can Become Your Greatest Success with Bryan Reeves


Do you struggle in life? Yeah – duh. You are human. We all have struggles. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. It’s all part of this beautiful human experience.

Bryan and I chat about how those struggles can be our biggest blessings.

See the problem is when people walk around is partial misery. They aren’t miserable enough to do anything about their life… until they crash and have a breakdown.

Bryan and I encourage you to have a break down. Seriously. Hit rock bottom.

Breakdowns are true blessings. It’s a time when we look at our life a bit deeper. It’s a time when we strive for change. We reach for fulfillment. We are ready for change.


Bryan Reeves: A former US Air Force Captain turned Author / Coach / Speaker, Bryan Reeves has triumphed through multiple dark nights of the soul after hurling himself into the transformational fires of intimate relationship over and over again. With massive insight gleaned through countless adventures, Bryan now coaches men, women and couples. He is a regular writer for The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, The Daily Love, Raw Attraction Magazine, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, Sexy Conscious Awake and more. His book “The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet” is available on Amazon. Find Bryan on Facebook (bryanreevesofficial) and his website (

Have a listen….




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Episode 4: Self Awareness is Power with Ryan Peterson

Self Awareness is Power!

One week after launch! Whoa! I’m blessed and honored to have so many people who have listened. (I can see how many people have listened.) I was excited and scared to launch. And here we are a week later and I’ve been scheduling so many interviews with amazing/interesting people I think you’ll like too.

This week I chatted with a good friend of mine – Ryan Peterson and we chat about self awareness.


Awareness is Power: We go about our day. We have thoughts, reactions, and some repeated experiences. Have you ever thought about what it means? What is actually happening?


Awareness for physical pain and illness: Do you bring your awareness when you are sick? Or have a headache? Does something always come up with you? What is your body actually telling you? Emotional-Mental-Physcial-Spiritual are all connected.


Louise Hay has made this idea very popular. She is a well-respected author and speaker. She’s still being a Badass Spiritual Warrior at 88. (Louise- if you are reading this now, can I interview you on the show? ) :) She’s sold over 40 million copies of “You Can Heal Your Life.” Ryan and I recommend. You can either grab the book or the app here.


Ryan Peterson Lives in Minneapolis where he loves connecting people to their passions, each other, and big ideas. When he’s not doing that, he works as a realtor. He also collects absurd coffee mugs and postcards. He’s just an overall cool dude.

Contact details for working with this guy on buying a house: 612-616-5720 or

Ask him anything about self awareness below or just say hi. :)

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Have you become more aware of things in your life? Are you afraid to? Let’s chat about it below.


Podcast - Badass Spiritual Warriors

Weekly Podcast Launched!! Episode 1, 2, and 3 Released


For the past 6 months, I’ve had signs and encouragement to be bigger this year. I decided to be more authentic— (scary!!) So here I am, launching a weekly podcast called — Badass Spiritual Warriors where I share stories and insight that are openhearted, inspiring and bold. Some weeks I’ll have amazing, wise and funny guests (because I know so many people that have good stuff to share)!

Rebranding of Badass Spiritual Warriors 

When I decided on this name, it was scary for me. I loved it and was scared of the criticism that it’d get. I mean, being more authentic also means that some people just ain’t gonna like what you are putting out there. But let’s be honest, there will always be people that will like and not like your stuff so you might as well be REAL when you do it.

Some people will be offended by ‘Badass’ and Spiritual next to each other. I get that. But some people will see that and think – HELL YEAH! THAT IS ME. Some of these people will be more inspired to dive deep into awareness and understanding of who they are, where they are going and how they can contribute to the world.

A Badass Spiritual Warrior…..

Radiates confidence. Accepts what is. Forgive when resentment resides. Shows vulnerability even when his/her ego says not to. Lets go when something no longer serves them. Allows tears as they release and show strength. Breathes in life with a heart wide open. Honors the earth. Sees oneness in his/her neighbor. Meditates regularly. Loves him/herself. Feels worthy of love from others. Celebrates life. Knows thyself. Expresses him/herself freely. Cares about all beings on earth. Makes eye contact. Realizes it’s human to make mistakes. Learns from his/her mistakes. Follows his/her dreams. Feels gratitude on a daily basis. Plays like a child. Takes responsibility like an adult. Manifests his/her dreams. Learns and grows with a heart wide open.

My Mission: I want to show people that you can be this Badass Spiritual Warrior in your modern life. That the more you unleash him/her, the more in pure joy you will be. Will you still have ups and downs as a human -yes. But you will also have awareness and understanding of what it takes to handle these ups and downs like a true champ.

Here are the first 3 Episodes:

Episode 1: Janelle’s Story - Listen Now

Everyone’s got a story. Everyone. I want you to really understand my journey. Can you relate to it? Did anything inspire you? Please share in the comments below.

Episode 2: Forgiveness Makes you Feel Good - Listen Now

Forgiveness isn’t something people want to talk about. Why? Because holding on to that resentment towards _______________ (Fill in the blank) feels so good! Wrong! — But our ego thinks it does. Forgiving someone actually feels so much better.

After you listen to the podcast….

Home Play: 

1) Who is someone your heart needs to forgive? (Trust the first person that comes to mind. It will be someone that you don’t want to put your energy to…. again, this is the ego.

2) Sit quietly. Take some deep breaths with your eyes closed. See this person in front of you. Keep taking deep breaths. Begin to open your heart to this person. See your heart shining a light on them. Focus on the light and your breath cleansing you, them, and the resentment that was there. Feel compassion for them, as they are a human that makes mistakes. They may not have known better than to hurt you. Keep sending them energy from your heart until you feel done.

3) What do you need to forgive yourself about? What’s difficult about letting this go? Why do you feel that you need to be punished? What would it take to have compassion for yourself?

4) Sit quietly. Take some deep breaths with your eyes closed. Begin to open your heart. Feel self love and forgiveness for yourself. See where you were coming from when you made this choice. Open your heart with compassion for yourself. Truly feel forgiveness for yourself. Know that you are human and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Learning from it is what will set you apart. Set yourself free from this self resentment.

Episode 3: Finding your Inner Voice with Molly Robertson - Listen Now

Molly is someone I instantly connected with.  After meeting, we spent the next couple days together in Mexico and we chatted non-stop. We had so much to talk about. We had so much to relate to. I saw so much of myself in her and I really felt like she ‘got’ me. Do you have a friend like that?

Molly is pretty Badass. She’s a Speaker, Coach, Blogger, and Yoga Instructor in the UK. She spreads some serious light. I had to have her as my first guest. We talk about a ‘Finding your Inner Voice.’ Molly shares some juicy stories and insightful information. I guarantee you’ll walk away with some good stuff.

Listening to your Inner Voice: 

– We suggest to listen. Yeah, you were looking for a more difficult answer weren’t you? Seriously listen to your soul.

-Trust what you hear and feel. When something is real we feel it everywhere. You have all the answers. Trust. Trust. Trust.

-Meditate- Sit and be still. This is where you’ll quiet your mind to find all of the answers. You may not find the answer you are looking for while you meditate, but it will come soon after asking.

Love– Molly and Janelle

Molly’s details: 

All to Love Website




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Please share your comments and insights below. :)

Inspirational Message to YOU this Year (Play on Repeat for Best Results)

yourbestyearyetAt the beginning of this month I sat down and wrote a new year message to you. I didn’t have any plans to do this, it just flowed right through me.

I felt excited and scared to put it together. What if people think my rhymes are corny? What if they don’t like it? My excitement to put out my expression outweighed my negative talk and so today I’m sharing this message to you.

This year my intention is to be REALLY AUTHENTIC. (Hence, my rebranding of Badass Spiritual Warriors.) I feel like I’ve been holding back alot over the years and it’s time for me to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! (I credit Lisa Nichols for this statement.)

When you are more YOU, more people dig it. Of course, not everyone will like what you are putting out there. But that’s okay since your true self worth comes from inside you, not external validation.

So I know some people will love it, some will like it, and some will think it’s lame- but I’m sharing it anyway. I’m practicing my intention for 2015 by sharing the real me with the world. So here it is….

I hope this video brings you inspiration to know that you are so worth it.

You are enough. 

You are hot stuff. 

You are beautiful. 

You are divine. 

And when things get tough, you are gonna be just fine. :)

Make this year your best year yet!

Love and Light,

Janelle Klander

ps… know that I am here for you if you need a reminder. Watch the video as many times as you’d like.


Play with Your Dreams Like a Dream Master

I sat down with my friend Ora North from Lady of the Pines to talk about the dream world in a Hang out with Janelle Session. I think you’ll find it helpful.

Everyone has experience with dreams. Everyone.

But not everyone understands dreams or how to work with them to your advantage.


In this video you’ll learn how you can work in your dream world to positively change your waking life -(if you are into making positive changes and being happier in life.) :)

Have a listen and let me know what you learned in the comments below.

I used to not pay attention to my dreams and not try to remember them. (You can actually remember them more if you try!) Some significant things came through my dreams so I’m glad I was paying attention.

In life and in the dream world we have a choice to pay attention and make magical changes in our lives or not. What is your choice?

Comment below —  What did you learn? What has been your experiences with dreaming? Do you have a question about your dreams?

Hang Out with Janelle: Slam Up Girls Talk Relationships, Breakups and STDs

I met Cali and Emily from Slam Up, when they were on tour and made a stop in Minneapolis. I immediately loved them as they started singing Salt N Pepa’s – None of your Business. Aside from our mutual love of Salt N Pepa, I totally vibed with what these ladies had going on.

Cali and Emily describe Slam Up with- WHERE POETRY MEETS COMEDY. It’s true. The show bounces back and forth from ridiculous laughter to stiring your soul. It was a pleasure to be in their audience.

I had to get these ladies to hang out with me and talk about relationships, breakups and STDs. So here it is…..

Wanna listen to what they go going on and/or donate to make their tour possible? Click here. 

Buy the “Potlucks and Hotfucks” shirt here. 

If you are in the East Coast – Check out their tour.



THU 4th | 7 PM | donation | Bluestockings (Manhattan, NYC)

FRI 5th | 7:30 PM | $5-$10 | The Institute Library (New Haven, CT)

SAT 6th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | The Buttonwood Tree (Middleton, CT)

MON 8th | 8 PM | $5-$10 | 95 Empire (Providence, RI)

WED 10th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | Patterson Creations (Attleboro, MA)

THU 11th | 7 PM | free | Fazenda Coffee Roasters (Jamaica Plain, MA)

FRI 12th | 7:30 PM | free | Arts at the Armory (Sommerville, MA)

SAT 13th | 8 PM | free | Vena’s Fizz House (Portland, ME)

SUN 14th | 6:30 PM | TBA | Feature @ Rhythmic Cypher Poetry (Portland, ME)

TUE 16th | 8 PM | $5 | The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH)

WED 17th | 7:30 PM | $5-10 | Studio 550 (Manchester, NH)

FRI 19th | 10 PM | free | Psychedelicatessan (Burlington, VT)

SAT 20th | 8 PM | free | The Root (Brattleboro, VT)

TUE 23rd | 8 PM | $3 | Feature @ The Northampton Mass Poetry (Northampton, MA)

FRI 26th | 8 PM | free | World War II Club (Northampton, MA)

SAT 27th | TBA | free | SUNY Purchase (Purchase, NY)

MON 29th | TBA | free | Rutgers (New Brunswick, NJ)


THU 2nd | TBA | free | The Bun Shop (Baltimore, MD)

FRI 3rd | 7 PM | free | The Wingnut (Richmond, VA)

SAT 4th | 8 PM | free | Alex’s House (Carrboro, NC)

MON 6th | 7:30 PM | free | Tate Street Coffee (Greensboro, NC)

TUE 7th | 9 PM | free | Ft. at the Calico Open Mic (Wilmington, NC)

FRI 10th | TBA | TBA | Coastal Carolina University (Myrtle Beach, SC)

TUE 14th | 8 PM | $10 ($5 w/ student id) | Coffee Underground (Greenville, NC)

FRI 17th | TBA | free | The Landing (Asheville, NC)

SAT 25th | 8 PM | $5 | BON (Charlottesville, VA)

SUN 26th | TBA | $10 | DC Arts (Washinton DC)

MON 27th | 8 PM | $15 | La Ti Do @ Black Fox Lounge (Washington DC)

TUE 28th | TBA | TBA | Acorn Books (Dover, DE)


FRI 7th | TBA | TBA | Wesleyan University (Middleton, CT)

SAT 8th | TBA | TBA | Night Kitchen (Philadelphia, PA)


Check out all Slam Up things here. 



10 Things to Do to Open Your Sacral Chakra

This week we discuss the Sacral Chakra which is lovated 2 inches below the navel. It’s the center for creativity, sexuality, sensuality, and appreciation of life.

Are you prone to back problems? Prostate problems? Menstrual cramping? Bladder problems?

Do you feel like your creativity is blocked?

Do you get jealous easily? Do you feel guilty often?

If you answered yes to any of these, take a look at the video below.

Remember it’s important to keep all your chakras open to feel in balance in your life. If you want to learn more about the chakras you can click here.

10 Things you can do if you want to strengthen your Sacral Chakra:

  1. Connect with water.

  2. Explore tantric yoga

  3. Embrace sensuality

  4. Be Creative.

  5. Drink lots of water.

  6. Dance.

  7. Say the affirmation: “I accept my creativity and sensuality.”

  8. Use Aromatherapy with Sandalwood oil.

  9. Relax with a coral stone on the area – 2 inches below your navel.

  10. Boil water with the herb yarrow. Let is steep for 10 minutes, then strain the water and drink.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please comment below with one thing you are going to try this week from the list above.

Share this video with your friends and I’ll see you next week!

7 Ways to Know Your Root Chakra is Blocked.


It’s the second video in the Chakra Series. Today I talk about the Root Chakra. A chakra everyone can give some attention to keeping open. The root chakra keeps us connected to the earth below. It gives us a foundation for everything else to function and to create what you want in life.

We live in a time of information overload. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything around  us. Having a stable foundation or at least understanding how to tap into this grounded feeling is essential to feel balanced in life.

If you want to learn more about chakras before you watch this video you can watch last weeks video- What are Chakras?

I’m going to give you information on every chakra – all 7 of the main energy centers in your body. I want you to to a better understanding of what chakras need some attention and what you can do for yourself.

You may be blocked if…

  •  Lost trust in life.
  • Don’t feel at home
    in your body.
  • Worry about the future.
  • Easily overwhelmed
    by life.
  • Don’t exercise
  • Digestion problems.
  • Cold Hands and Feet


10 Things you can do to strengthen your Root Chakra

1) Exercise

2) Foot Massage

3) Walk Outside

4)  Meditation under a tree

5) Wear red or create/paint/draw using red

6) Affirmation -” I trust in the power of life.” Say as many times as you want throughout the day.

7) Garden- Get hands dirty

8) Gemstone therapy – Relax on your stomach. Lay Hematite, or Ruby stones on your lower back, in contact with your skin.

9) Aromatherapy –  Massage cedar or rosemary essential oils into your hands or feet.

10) Meditation imagining roots growing from your  body into the earth. Take in the red earth energy if you like. Feel the connection to the earth, with the steady foundation.


I hope you found these action steps helpful.

Share with your friends that may find this useful.

Comment below with what you do to feel grounded.

Stay tuned to learn about  more chakras in the chakra series.

In case you missed last week’s post — What are Chakras?



What are Chakras?

What are chakras? I get that question all the time.


Chakras are energy centers in your body. We actually have thousands in our astral body, but there are 7 main chakra centers that are most well known.

Crown - Spirituality, experience of higher planes, knowledge of God, enlightenment, and self realization

Third Eye- Intuition, wisdom, realization, awareness, fantasy, power of imagination, and self knowledge.

Throat- Communication, verbal ability, inspiration, truthfulness, synthesis, creativity, and musical talent.

Heart- Love, compassion, humanity, empathy, tolerance, openness, and warm- heartedness.

Solar Plexus- willpower, self confidence, personality, self development, self control, feelings, sensitivity, power, and forcefulness.

Sacral- Sexuality, sensuality, fertility, and creativity

Root- Stability, the will to live, and self preservation

What is it important to keep your chakras open?

When we have blocks, we experience illness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, loneliness, lack of trust in life, hopelessness, struggle with relationships, nightmares and many more.

I could talk for days about chakras, but I’m going to. I’ll be following up with more videos like this that are more specific to each chakra.

What I what to give you is a free 30 minutes chakra meditation.

Comment below about your chakra experiences.

Look for more information on specific chakras next week.