Ep 42: Painting Her Way Through Tough Times



Born in South Minneapolis, in 1955 to an average Lutheran family of six, my life changed forever when I was ten. My father was shot and killed in the grocery store that we all worked in. After that my mom stayed in her bedroom, threatening suicide, telling us that God abandoned us and we were pretty much all on our own. Not till much later in life did she feel joy again.


I was 13 when Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy were assassinated in 1968. I turned my personnel pain into the worlds pain, it made mine feel less relevant, watching the Vietnam War on TV during dinner every night.

I have always been way too emotional for my own good and I learned early not to trust life to take care of me. To survive as a teenager I started a journal of suicidal thoughts and poetry to express my pain and a longing for deaths relief. This later became the first half of The Rainbow Child story I wrote in 1979 about spiritual awakening.

I explored different religions and their symbols and deities, especially attracted to Hindu and Tibetan art. I ended up focusing on Mandalas or Visual Prayers to center and heal myself. The Shri Yantra is the cosmic sound of AUM in a visual pattern of unfolding triangles. From the Bindi or Spark of God from the center of the Sri Yantra unfold 9 overlapping triangles representing the male and female energies of life.

The Flaming Heart is a symbol of the alchemy of the spirit being born from this life of joy and sorrow: The transformation of matter into spirit. That out of this life of pain comes a joy we cannot imagine a place of true love that is our destiny as spiritual beings, but it is so far from this world’s reality that we can only glimpse it.

Laughing Jesus I had to paint being raised as a conservative Lutheran. To me, to see Jesus laugh is to get what he was all about. The transcendence of joy over sorrow / life over death, knowing we are all immortal.

Romantically obsessed, I painted about true love hoping that I could draw it in, to no avail. The last in that series is called Unrequited Love showing how energy gets blocked and can not flow freely when our obsessions get the best of us.

I did a series of Left-Handed / Eyes-Closed works to loosen me up for fun. I painted Quetzacoatl the Aztec Mayan God that is to return in 2012 and bring a balance of Male and Female energy back to the planet for a time of peace and psychic awareness, not the end of the world. My newer pieces are more personal expressions of my feelings, my favorite being Sorrow Is Beauty which represents my emotions filling up and overflowing and joining the tears that are the fabric of the Universe.

Much of my art is not original – it is a tribute to and an appreciation of the religious art of the past – sacred images that are very much a part of mankind’s spiritual obsession.

I will continue to paint Gods and Goddesses from various cultures and I am sure that I will paint mandalas till the day I die. Some people have accused me of jumping on some New Age bandwagon, but these images are a part of me from my past lives;I can’t help but be drawn to them. In ’92 I went to India and felt like I’d spent lifetimes there. I was amazed how much spiritual art and icons are a part of everyone’s life. My art is only Temple art – something everyone would be doing as part of their spiritual training or worship. This art is an expression of the Divine in all vision of unity behind all forms of the spirit.



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Ep 39: Socially Awkward to Authentic Relating with Sara Ness

Do you ever feel socially awkward? Do you ever not know what to say when you are connecting with someone new? Or maybe you have a hard time relating to people you do know?

Yeah, you are not alone.

Hear Sara’s story of learning how to relate to the world.


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Sara Ness
is an exuberant community creator and facilitator, founder of the Houston and Austin Authentic communities. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection. Sara has led hundreds of events of every kind, and has coached leaders across the world on how to lead from a place of freedom and empathy. She travels across North America spreading a revolution of authentic communication. Check her out at www.authrev.com!


kundalini yoga

Ep 38: Kundalini Yoga with Nicole Nardone


Nicole Nardone is a kundalini yoga & meditation teacher, a sacred space holder, and cosmic creatress living in Minneapolis. She gives classes & workshops (in person and virtually), designs mystical ecourses, leads epic retreats, and works privately with those willing to wade (or jump) into the deep end. Her work blends ancient spiritual traditions with modern living. She is fiery and loving, divinely guided, and is interested in redefining sacredness. She believes in using the full capacity and range of the human experience as a powerful path to waking up. It’s just way more fun. When she isn’t “working”, she slips away into the woods or water to commune with the earth, sky, and all the magical, mystical beings that have brought her here, who have brought all of us here. To learn more, visit nicolenardone.com.





Ep 37: Resilience: When you have a Shitty Childhood


Nikki Townsend is the founder of Camp Grown Ass Women, a women’s empowerment camp in Minnesota. As a child, Nikki was the victim of extensive abuse and, after leaving home, spent nearly three years homeless during her early teens and abused drugs for several years before developing a successful performance career. She ultimately got clean, healed and hopes to help others break the barriers preventing them from reaching their goals.

Nikki believes that her negative experiences shaped her personality and passion and that by accepting, forgiving and understanding we can utilize what seems difficult to create a better life for ourselves. We each have the resilience to recover from devastating situations and understand that pain, loss, humiliation or guilt may be part of our lives, but it does not define us. We can let go and be happier!

Nikki is also the mother of three crazy kids, lives in Minneapolis and when she’s not working or momming, she can be found riding her bike, drinking a whiskey, doing yoga or out in the woods camping, hunting, fishing or hiking.

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return to sisterhood

036 Return to Sisterhood with Shelli Mullins

I really enjoyed my conversation with Shelli. I would describe her as “sweet and empowered.” She’s created space for a tribe of women to come together online. It’s truly inspiring.

There is a shift happening with the way women interact. How can we get out of judgement and comparison of other women and move into support and inspiration? How can we be more open and vulnerable in this world? Who will give us permission to be our messy selves in this world? How can we create more communities to make this happen?

Hear her story with create this group and how she got to where she is now.

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Ep 34: Movement with Teresa Reid

teresa reid

I am a lover of beauty, wonder and awe – a seeker of grace, connection and loving presence. My greatest teacher is my life and my pathway to understanding is my body.

As a child there was nothing sweeter or more satisfying to my soul than dancing. I was often found moving through meadows and fields, across dance floors or recital halls. Movement was my sanctuary – the place I turned to, again and again, to reconnect with the joy of uninhibited movement and the deep peace of BEing in my body.

In my late 20s I began a journey that would take me into the depths of embodied healing, spiritual inquiry, earth wisdom, community engagement, and movement as a path of liberation. I came to realize that, for me, life deepens and transforms through continued inquiry and direct experiences that are grounded IN life, IN the body, IN relationship.

As a Certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, and Open Floor Teacher-in-Training, I have been profoundly blessed, inspired and influenced by the wisdom of the body, a deep connection with nature, daily opportunities to relate and grow as a mother, partner, facilitator and friend, and continued studies in practices that inform and empower my own living. Visit her website.



[Warrior Night] Self Love


This month we are talking about something every single person can benefit from hearing about- SELF LOVE. Just in time for the lovey month of the year. Cuz you gotta fill up your cup with love before you have anything else to give to a partner.

Self love is good for SOOO many reasons, so let’s have a warrior night about it and hear what our panel has to say.

Host: Janelle Klander
Meet our Panel:
Sheena Cleopatra
Rachel Schwartz
Jaina Portwood

Artist: Rachel Braun — Check out her instagram. 

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Upcoming events: 

Feb 12th Art Opening at Modus Locus 

For Valentines Day!

Feb 13th: Thai Massage for Couples 

Feb 13th Revive Your Connection Workshop – Janelle and Amy 

Feb 14th Create a Sacred Space – Sacred Geometry 

April 2nd and 3rd – Warrior Weekend
And stay tuned for Sheena’s meditation class announcement on facebook.

Book mentioned: ‘Love 



Movie: fyi– It’s on Netflix too.



Love Thy Selfie:

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 Next Warrior Night is March 2nd 7-9pm, Modus Locus. 

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Ep32 Self Love with Rachel Schwartz

Let’s talk abut Self Love. It’s mentioned in many other podcast episodes, but it deserves a solo episode.

I sat down and chatted with Rachel about this uber important topic by her sharing her experiences and insights from her journey of life.

I love Rachel for many reasons. I’m grateful to get to work with her by hosting my monthly event – Warrior Night at Modus Locus which is the first Wednesday of the month.


Rachel Schwartz is a furniture designer and upholsterer located in South Minneapolis. She is also a co-director of Modus Locus, a gallery/flex-use space in Powderhorn Park. To learn more about Rachel and her local businesses, visit rumpusislandstudio.com and moduslocusmpls.com.

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Ep31 Living with Purpose with Neda Renee

Do you ever go to an event because you know you’ll meet someone special? Neda Renee was that special person I met at the Polo Classic last August.

We found out we had alot in common with our mission in life as the desire to inspire and change lives. That kinda cool stuff. So I knew I had to have Neda share some of her wisdom with the Warrior Tribe.

Living Life with Purpose & The Ups and Downs of Being an Entrepreneur

Neda did things that didn’t align with her purpose. She had jobs that were ok. Until…. that just didn’t cut it anymore. She had to do what her soul wanted. Can you relate?

Hear what’s she’s got to say about it in this episode.


Neda Renee is an award winning Vision Coach known for her interactive, revealing, educational workshops and presentations which leave everyone inspired, uplifted and transformed.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Neda Renee has more than 20 years of experience #ChangingLivesTheVillageWay through successfully connecting girls and individual clients to their destinies. She focuses extensively on young girls and women.

Her niche is creating self-development sessions for pre-teens,teens and women guiding them to find their purpose though vision board workshops, one-on-one experiences and vision coaching services in seven key growth areas.

Neda Renee is one of the most sought after speakers at elementary, high school, colleges and universities. Grab Hold of Your Vision and Give her a Call! Become Successfully Connected TODAY! 320.634.NEDA or visit her website www.SuccessfulConnections4you.com.

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