Ep 25: Let’s Talk About Miscarriages with Sheena Burnside


It can feel like a tough subject to talk about. Most families grieve in silence. It triggers a deep depression for many.

This makes me think that many don’t come to terms with their loss.

Everyone knows someone that has gone through a miscarriage.

When I saw that October was bring awareness to Miscarriages… I knew that I had to do an episode on this subject. I think it’s beautiful that people were talking about it more openly, but I still had the desire to go deeper with the subject of losing a baby. I wanted to have a discussion about the spiritual aspect of what’s happening when a baby doesn’t come through. Continue reading


Ep 24: Badass Cancer Warrior – Alia Nicole Hajaj

What if the doctors told you that you had 3 months to live?

What if they told you that you’d never walk again?

Would you take it as your destiny? Or would you fight like a Badass Cancer Warrior? Continue reading


Ep 21: Let’s Talk About Rape with Sarah Hauch

I decided that I wanted to talk about Rape on my podcast. I can say that it’s a topic that’s been talked about more recently, but not enough and not in the right way.

As you may believe – rap sucks. It’s not fair and it sucks.

There is a ton of shame around it and many people are too scared of speaking up about it.

What’s considered rape is also a wide spectrum. What is considered rape? Continue reading


Ep 20: How to Bring the Festival Vibes to Every Day Life

So you just got back from an EDM Festival….. now what?

Every festival I go to, I hear the same thing…. why can’t normal life be like festival life?

In today’s episode I decided to talk about how you can create the fabulous, free festival feeling in your own life.

Summer Set Music Festival

I just got back from Summer Set Music Festival in Somerset, WI. People like festivals because they feel free, loved, and connected. Continue reading


Episode 16: Living Beyond Mediocre with E. Benedict Valencia

Living Beyond Mediocre with Dr. Erwin Benedict Valencia

i remember seeing this guy on a beach of Playa Del Carmen. I remember seeing him and feeling the urge to go over and say hello. I was traveling solo. He seemed to be traveling solo…. But I soon talked myself out of it in order to feel safe and not put myself out there.

As I walked back to my hostel, I was surprised to see that the same guy inside. We started talking and I realized how friendly, energetic and sweet this dude was. He name was “E”. Continue reading